Sunday, 27 November 2016


Often when companies need to hire staff, the first thing they consider is to hire a permanent staff member, these appointments come with on-going monthly employee benefits and additional payroll administration. If one looks at the cost associated with hiring a permanent employee, it is sometimes worthwhile partnering with a recruitment agency that can provide temporary employees.
There are many benefits to hiring employees on a temporary basis via a recruitment agency:
Temporary staff can fill the void instantly especially when staff members are on vacation, maternity leave or when there is an urgent need for more staff members during busy periods. As the employer, you have the flexibility to decide on how long the temporary staff service is required for, at an all-inclusive rate.  
There’s less direct responsibility
One of the biggest benefits to sourcing staff from an agency is that the pressure isn’t directly on you. A recruitment agency will take over the whole process; the agency becomes the employer and takes over all administrative procedures, responsibilities and liabilities that come with hiring an employee.
Hiring temporary staff provides you with an opportunity to evaluate the employee performance without committing to any full-time employment. It’s almost like a long interview process.
If your company is urgently looking to place a candidate and has no time to search and interview someone, a Temp may be available to you through an agency.

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